Walk-Through Services

Powers Energy Consulting can hand-deliver most Railroad Commission forms. This service ensures that your paper work ends up in the right department, which shortens the processing time and prevents costly severances.

Some of the items we walk through are:

  • Form P-5 Organization Report
  • Form P-4 Change of Operator
  • Form PR Production Report
  • Form H-10 Disposal Well Monitoring Report
  • Form H-5 Pressure Test Report
  • Form P-18 Skim Oil/Condensate Report

Drilling Permits

Rig availability dictates oilfield schedules in our fast-paced industry. With the present amount of drilling applications coming through the Railroad Commission, it can take weeks to get a permit. With our hands-on approach and knowledge of the process, Powers Energy Consulting can greatly reduce the time spent waiting for your drilling permit.

Saltwater Disposal Permits

Permitting a well for injection is one of the most painstaking tasks at the Railroad Commission. The requirements are many and the guidelines are stiff. Powers Energy Consulting can handle the entire process, including landowner research, offset operator identification, area of review, well mapping, newspaper publication, and legal notification. We know the pitfalls to expect and can advise you on problems and solutions surrounding your project. Whether you are converting an old well or planning a new drill, Powers Energy Consulting can prepare the application and see you through the entire administrative process.

Data Storage

Tired of trying to locate your Railroad Commission information? As a service to our clients we will maintain online records of the documents we have filed on their behalf. The records are accessible to assigned users only and are password-protected. For an additional fee, Powers Energy Consulting can research and post some or all of your previously-filed documents for fast and easy viewing.

Research Services

The Railroad Commission houses over 100 years of Texas oil and gas records. We have access to the permits, completion reports, production records, plugging affidavits, and location plats for the 1,000,000 + wells drilled in our State's history. We also have access to several private document libraries and can often track down that hard-to-find well log.

Waterboard/Surface Casing Letters

Waiting on a surface casing letter can delay drilling and cost an operator thousands of dollars. Powers Energy Consulting can expedite the processing of these letters, usually returning the recommendation in 1-2 business days. In addition, we can often obtain a recommendation for an entire lease, saving time, money, and effort on future drilling projects.


Using the Railroad Commission's GIS system, we can create color-coded maps up to 36"x36" showing well locations, permitted well sites, pipelines, and other important geological features anywhere in Texas.

Severance Resolution

Little can halt oil and gas operations like a severance. Whether you are having trouble moving a load of oil, or you have a severance fee that has been on record for years, we can remedy your situation in less than an hour, and also take measures to prevent future severances.

Railroad Commission Bid Opportunities

Interested in bidding on Railroad Commission site cleanups? The Railroad Commission spends millions of dollars each year cleaning abandoned oil and gas locations that present environmental hazards. That money is paid to independent contractors familiar with environmental remediation. Powers Energy Consulting has access to the bid opportunities and can also research previously paid prices for equipment, disposal, labor, etc., giving you an inside edge on winning these valuable Railroad Commission contracts.

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